Safety & Operator Qualifications

Safety is Our Priority


ALL WHITCO employees are provided Safety Orientation Training and given a copy of the WHITCO Safety Handbook, providing them with access to company policies and procedures. Employees are trained and tested with PEC Safety Training modules to recognize and react to safety hazards on the jobsite.

  • In-House Safety Manager Certified OSHA #510 and #511


WHITCO provides a Top-Down Safety Program encouraging employees to implement Safety precautions and procedures on all project sites. It’s this culture and training that encourage our employees to recognize and react to any unsafe practices that put unacceptable risk to people, community, and environment. WHITCO routinely holds Safety Talks and provides Monthly Safety Training updates to our employees to implement the Safety Culture within our operation and continually convey the importance of safe work practices. Our Safety program, as well as our Safety First culture, has built the foundation for WHITCO providing an exceptional safety record for our Company.


WHITCO is committed to “Safety First” in all aspects of our operations. This includes our commitment to providing an accident-free environment for our employees, clients, contractors, environment, community and client assets. WHITCO EH&S Program has been audited for OSHA compliance by ISNetworld, PEC Premier, Avetta, and BROWZ and has received a 100% compliance rating with each. Copies of our Environmental Health & Safety Program, policies and company statistical data are available for review upon request.

Our Workplace Safety Plan is Approved and 100% Compliant:

  • ISNetworld Safety Compliance Program
  • PEC Premier Safety Compliance
  • BROWZ Safety Compliance
  • Avetta Safety Compliance


  • WHITCO maintains compliance with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for Operator Qualifications rule.
  • WHITCO utilizes Midwest Energy Association and Energy World Net (EWN) for training resources and testing criteria to keep our personnel trained and current on covered tasks related to our work.
  • OUR in-house Evaluator allows us the flexibility to train and evaluate employees on demand to keep current with upcoming projects requirements and future needs.


  • WHITCO’s Drug and Alcohol Program complies with all requirements of DOT 49CFR Parts 199 and 40. Our program is implemented and in compliance with DISA drug consortium. All employee records are available through the DISA program. The Drug and Alcohol Program is available for client review upon request.
  • All WHITCO employees are enrolled in the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program and are required to take a pre-employment drug screen, are subject to random drug testing, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident tests.